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Writing  for me is thinking through my  fingers

                     Isaac Asimov

  • About Us

The Manufactus Store in Lecce was born in June 2006 from the meeting between the ancient artisan traditions of bookibindery and the typical hospitality of Salento.

The baroque beauty of Piazza Duomo -  with its magic and romantic Lecce’s stone  and its  thousand pink and gold shades -  is the perfect setting; the passion for art  blends with an ancient manual skill and with the love for a slow and careful creation of unique products and each of them tells an history about the best Italian craftsmanship.

The family management and the atmosphere of Salento, with its  thousand scents and shades, will make your experience unforgettable and for a long, beautiful moment, you will be projected into a wonderful past made of tradition, quality and slow, deep rhythms.

The Manufactus store in Lecce is waiting for you to surprise you with the beauty of timeless objects: notebooks, photo albums, seals for sealing wax, nibs and inks with many colors are here for you.

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