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Our photo albums awake the magic of your memories so you can live its again and again, pages after pages.



A notebook can have a thousand lives… behind its composed appearance there are pages ready to collect and preserve sketches, drawings and life stories. Our leather notebooks are also available in a fixed or interchangeable version and range from the most romantic models with a lace to hard covers enriched with different processes.



The Manufactus bags are high quality products, exclusively made in Italy using first choice leathers; intense and vibrant colors are the result of vegetable tanning and add an aspect of uniqueness to each product


Furnishing Complements

Our furnishing accessories are produced by small businesses and are unique objects.

The peculiarity of the handcrafted accessories is precisely the uniqueness: they are designed with top quality materials and finished in the details in an original way.


Ancient Writing

Writing and drawing are the means to transmit and communicate our emotions on paper and we at the staff of the Manufactus store in Lecce know this well; that's why we offer you a wide variety of items and accessories for ancient writing.
The nib is immersed in the best ink to trace signs rich in feeling and emotions.
Our shop will transport you back in time as in a dream, among pens in wood, pewter, glass or with feather, inks with a full-bodied and modular stroke and ink sticks ready to enrich your desks and your days.



Manufactus accessories are the result of the love for the meticulous and accurate processing of the finest leather and papers. Whether it be key rings, pencil cases or wallets you will find in our products all the craftsmanship of our craftsmen.
The finishes and nuances of office accessories, travel and leisure will surprise you more than you can imagine.

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