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Mova Globe

Each 'Mova' globe rotates thanks to the interaction of two forces: a magnet inside which acts with the earth's magnetic field and harmonizes with the photovoltaic panels. The ambient lights, the LEDs, the fluorescent lamps and obviously the indirect light of the sun feed the panels causing the globes to rotate without any need for batteries or power supplies.

Nautical object maker

In our shop we offer reproductions of antique nautical instruments, such as antique telescopes, compasses, sextants, sundials and magnifying glasses. Naval antiques are, in fact, a type of product that has always had an audience of enthusiasts, who appreciate its history and beauty.

Reproductions of Ancient Maps

The charm of discovery combined with the best craftsmanship: our reproductions of ancient maps are the symbol of Made in Italy quality, designed to enhance the character of the house and of those who live there, giving an incomparable sense of refinement.

Statues, Chess and Chessboards

Handcrafted chessmen and chessboards made by master craftsmen highly appreciated by players and collectors in the sector: a fine gift item a luxurious piece of furniture. Statues in Bronzed Resin, handcrafted in every single detail.

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