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Ancient Writing

Ancient Writing

Our shop offers a wide selection of "canotti" (reproductions of antique pen holders) to satisfy the most refined tastes and bring you back in the time.

The variety of items ranges from pewter models with their rich inlays, to the glass, not forgetting the classic wooden calamus and certainly the most romantic feathers.


The ink characteristic scent blends with that of sealing wax, together creating a unique atmosphere..

The wide range of accessories makes the writing experience rich and pleasant due to the vast assortment of coloured inks, inkwells, signature dry and calligraphic books.

Give yourself an unforgettable moment!

Seals and Sealing Vax

Thanks to our modular kits you can make a perfect seal by stamping your initials (single or double) or a symbol representing you on the sealing wax, making unique your most beautiful moments.

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