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Printed Paper and Texture 

All notebooks are bound with the best Italian papers with all the charm of their many colours.

Handmade Paper and Texture


These cards are handmade in water and each represent a unique piece in the world, making each notebook a small unrepeatable masterpiece.
The colours blend with shades of gold and silver to create marbled or peacocked patterns.


Paper and Leather


Elegant notebooks made through the fusion of paper with leather, according to the ancient tradition of Italian bindery; the back is completely covered and worked by hand with top quality leather, while the cover has marbled or peacock patterns.


The leather binding is handmade, with patience, love and according to the ancient craft tradition.
Depending on the technique used, we have different lines:


·         Leather                           Leather

·         Incision                           Incision

·         Gold                                Asola

·         Flinstone                        Flinstone      

·         Laccio                             Laccio

·         Medioevo




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